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MEG in Pharmaco Symposium 2024, Geneva 

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Showcasing how MEG can be used in drug discovery and evaluation work & could support in drug development trials.* Hosted by MEGIN and Krish Singh, PhD at Campus Biotech, Geneva.


00:00:26 - Opening remarks by H.E. Ms. Heidi Schroderus-Fox, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Finland to the UN and international organizations in Geneva

and Professor Krish Singh, PhD


00:06:26 - Krish Singh, PhDMEG-derived non-invasive markers of oscillatory activity and connectivity in human drug target engagement studies

Professor, Head of Human Electrophysiology, Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC)

00:42:10 - Neil Harrison, PhD MRCP MRC PsychThe crisis in psychiatry drug discovery: can in-vivo target engagement measures save us?

Clinical Professor in Neuroimaging, Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC)

01:06:03 - Emily Rogers, PhDMEG Beyond Academia: How Can We Best Leverage and Expand MEG To Address Unmet Needs in Industry

Medical Science Liaison, Neuralis


01:31:45 - Christos Papadelis, PhDElectrophysiological Biomarkers of GABA in Children with Dravet Syndrome

Director of Neuroscience Research, Cook Children's Health Care, Professor of Pediatrics, Texas Christian University School of Medicine


01:56:32 - Hanna RenvallPhDTime-resolved tracking of neuronal activity combined with artificial intelligence: Tools for predicting dementia risk

Head of the MEG Lab at BioMag Laboratory at Helsinki University Hospital

Assistant Professor in Translational Neuroimaging, Aalto University and Helsinki University Hospital


02:22:17 - Laura Hughes, PhD: MEG: Sensitivity to pharmaco modulation in health and in dementia

Postdoctoral Fellow, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge


02:48:42 - Srikantan Nagarajan, PhDNeurophysiological network alterations and trajectories in dementia

Professor, Director of Neuroimaging, Director, Biomagnetic Imaging Lab, UCSF


03:26:11 - Elizabeth Davenport, PhDTau DeltaThe Unlikely Fraternity of Pediatric Football Players and Alzheimer’s Patients

Assistant Professor of Radiology

Technical Director for the Magnetoencephalography Center of UT Southwestern Medical Center

03:52:15 - Giulio Pergola, PhD: All roads lead to Schizophrenia: parsing risk into biological pathways

Associate Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and Biological Psychology, Scientific Director - Group of Psychiatric Neuroscience, University of Bari Aldo Moro
Investigator, Lieber Institute for Brain Development
Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

04:20:06 -  James Rowe, PhD, MDMEG markers of Alzheimer’s disease, severity and progression

Professor of Cognitive Neurology, University of Cambridge

04:50:39 -  Olivier Reynaud, Campus Biotech MEG lab

04:56:29 - Alexis Hervais-Adelman, NCCR Evolving language  

05:06:29 - Closing remarks from MEGIN



*MEGIN does not endorse any applications or treatments mentioned at this event. TRIUX neo™ is intended for use as a magnetoencephalographic (MEG) device that non-invasively detects and displays biomagnetic signals produced by electrically active nerve tissue in the brain. When interpreted by a trained clinician, the data enhances the diagnostic capability by providing useful information about the location relative to the brain anatomy of active nerve tissue responsible for critical brain functions. All other applications are investigational

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